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Flying Souls - Memorial for the Lost Children



Flying Souls- Memorial for the Lost Children came from growing up learning about my cousin who survived Auschwitz as a tailor. As an adult, I started thinking about how he had to create clothes for the commanders’ families while the children from our family and community were killed.
I researched photos of Jewish children’s clothing from Poland, where my family was from, to outline the shapes and images to knit, and to honor memories. The process of knitting and sewing was soothing to me, even as I made pieces that were like long-gone and lost little children’s clothing. I stitched each piece between two layers of silk, evoking for me a sense of memory and flight and distance.
By remembering and honoring the past and our pasts, I hope we can help to prevent some traumas in the future.

Materials: Cotton yarn and silk fabric.

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